Guest Blog: Lisa Young

In the lead up to releasing our first collaboration with Lisa Young, we asked her to write a few words about Train Line Sessions and about her composition, ‘Thru the Still Trees’.

“It’s a great thing, when a group of singers you admire ask you to collaborate with them. I love witnessing this creative process as the harmony and arrangements take shape with a unique group of musicians. The music becomes alive in a new way. Collaborations like this are such a gift; we build new musical friendships and we capture a moment.

 My studio is set high up in the trees. Autumn’s stunning clear light and cooler bursts of sun bring on my favourite time of year. It’s a time of stillness, the year is underway, and it’s often a creative time with the arrival of new songs. Thru The Still Trees was written when I first heard that I might get an opportunity to travel to India to study for two months. It was exciting yet overwhelming, and somehow it altered my access to the autumn light I have grown to depend upon. The lyrics describe the beauty of the season, alongside the anticipation of a great opportunity that would also mean a long time away from home.”

“Hold on You” by Market Lane feat. Lisa Young will be released exclusively via on Thursday 12th October and will be available via Facebook on Sunday 15th October.

Keep your eyes on the skies for the release of our second collaboration, “Thru the Still Trees” by Lisa Young feat. Market Lane.

Rehearsal time #trainlinesessions #collaboration

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