Train Line Sessions – Guest Blogger TJ Patrick

Our second release of the series is partner to our first video, also filmed at the Train Line Sessions launch.

Falling by TJ Patrick is a hauntingly beautiful song about a love that, for better or worse, you simply cannot control. We had TJ write a guest blog about the meaning behind it.

“I love the way we use the word ‘falling’. Falling asleep, falling ill, falling pregnant… They all imply a kind of letting go of control; giving over to something or someone.

The song I chose to record with Market Lane is a song about falling in love. It’s a song about falling in love with someone who, because of bad experiences in past relationships, can’t trust or let go enough to fall in love with you. As a result, the ‘fall’ isn’t the exhilarating rush it would usually be, but something a little more turbulent. This juxtaposition of emotions was what I wanted to capture musically.

Working on Train Line Sessions with Market Lane really helped evolve the song into something closer to that place. I love the way our four voices have been arranged. From note choice to performance, I feel like we’ve been able to create something delicate, complex, and beautifully dissonant when need be. It feeds really well into the idea behind the lyrics.

–  TJ Patrick  … “


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