Train Line Sessions – LISA YOUNG

The turn of the autumn season has seen Market Lane’s new ideas begin to blossom into fruition. Off the back of premiering their fresh sets and exciting new instrumentation at the Melbourne Big Band Festival in February, the trio has been busy arranging and rehearsing for their upcoming collaborations.

After seeing their wonderful mentor Lisa Young (, as pictured) perform with the Melbourne Composer’s Big Band at the February festival, the trio –armed with excitement and filled with inspiration – dived head first into arrangements featuring this incredible vocalist.

Just one rehearsal in and the elaborate scores of a Lisa Young original and a Market Lane original are coming to life in a big way. Both pieces emanate from the magical pairing of a twelve-eight feel with the captivating and heart felt Australian grown song-writing prowess we all know and love. The music will feature the awe-inspiring musicianship and improvisation mastery of Lisa Young, alongside exceptional accompaniment from Ben Robertson (double bass) and Nick Kyritsis (guitar).

Keep your eyes on the skies for the release of our dual song video featuring this collaboration, as part of our Train Line Sessions series.

[UPDATE: Sneaky insta snap from our recording]



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